Adidas vs Nike? Which is better?


Adidas vs Nike, which is better? In my personal opinion, Adidas shoes are better. I was using the Nike Free 7.0 for BodyJam and every time after class, my knees and feet will hurt. A month ago, I changed to the Adidas Bounce and I noticed the pain is gone. The cushioning in the Adidas Bounce is really good compared to Nike Free and the shoe comes with an additional pair of insoles in case the first one gets damaged. There is a downside to this shoe, it’s not cheap! It cost RM529 a pair. I’ve been told the Adidas customized shoes are even better as it measures your feet and determines the best form of cushioning. The shoe will cost RM600-700 depending on design. Guess price should not be an issue when it comes to health.

Adidas Bounce

Adidas Bounce

Nike Free 7.0

Nike Free 7.0


18 Responses to “Adidas vs Nike? Which is better?”

  1. Oh, I was thinking about getting new sports shoes, your recommendation definitely helped.

  2. 2 Kyen

    LOL…cepatnye dia post. Adidas la of coz, sigh… there goes my hope of going back to Nike!

  3. 3 Paige

    Hi there, I was attracted by the tittle of “Addidas vs Nike, Which is better”…very interesting subject šŸ™‚

    I am a big fan of Nike, so I like Nike products and their technology. For this case I wouldn’t say Addidas is not good, but I would rather choose to tell the Nike Free technology šŸ˜›

    Nike Free is a running shoe and its simulates barefoot running while wearing a shoe. As its allows the muscles in the feet to gain strength by providing less constriction and its also help to strengthen calf and foot muscles.Runner are advised to gradually break into the shoe rather than immediately running long distances as to prevent muscle cramps and other discomfort.This is especially true for amateurs, as Nike Free shoes do not provide as much cushion and shock absorption as the traditional running shoes. The main technology behind the Nike Free is the compressed EVA midsole, which has deep cuts along the entire length so that it bends and moves along with your foot – therefore mimicking running barefoot.

    I personally like Nike Free very much, especially the weight and the flexibility. I have the same problem when I first wearing it, but its all good now šŸ™‚ and am planning to buy a new pair of Nike Free again.

    I think Nike did not do enough to educate the consumer in this part, eventhough they have good products with great technology. They might need to do something on it šŸ˜‰


  4. 4 Eugene Ooi

    Legolas – Hope my recommendation helped.

    Kyen – You also agree with me Adidas.

    Paige – Thank you for the explanation. Certainly gave me a better understanding on the Nike Free technology.

  5. You should put your name on the shoe. And also can design your own Adidias shoe.Measure your feet. As your feet size might different.

    Can get from Pavilion.

  6. 6 Eugene Ooi

    Chester – I’m now saving money for the customized shoe. šŸ™‚

  7. 7 j

    leg pain….. age 42 Addidas Bounce..leg pain gone….

  8. 8 Benjamin

    Nike Free is nice but hurts my foot. Especially after Bodyjam. No cushioning.

  9. i personally like adidas , because basic is better, i like to colour co-ordinate my clothes ,adidas has alot more variety and more of a selection when it comes to the casual look and i dont feel the need to sacrifice comfort over style because adidas trainers are both comfortable and stylish. i dont wear nike but the only trainers i would wear will be the nike high vantage and the air force 1’s, god bless adidas, london

  10. Nice, thanks for share! lower leg pain

  11. 11 ash #50

    personaly i like them both i like nike’s shoes i have a ton but i ordered some addias bounces and hope i like them

  12. 12 fee

    Yeah.. Adidas is the best sportwear brand. The designs are very dramatic and very cool. and.. nike… is the fucker sw that was wtf… nike is bored but adidas is awesome… yeah!! go Adidas!! go..

  13. 13 fee

    Chelsea!! GO Chelsea!!

  14. 14 Alex

    So sorry for out of the point. If comparing Nike and Addidas I will choose Addidas but after I try Puma shoes I feel more better comparing to this 2 brands. I like Puma because of his design simple and nice. So sorry again for out of the topic.

  15. 15 Green Apple

    According from my friend – a lot of Marathon Runner prefer Adidas rather than Nike.. However interm of look Nike look better… Now new technology – Adidas Supernova.. !! Highly Recommend..

  16. 16 anthony

    adidas vs nike? i support adidas better than NIKE alot……..which brand has the comes out 1st NIke or adidas?

  17. naa entre esas 2 me quedo con las adidas bounce.. por que esas nike son re floggers en cambio las bounce son mas caco

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